Du decided to undergo a major rebrand, aiming to take their brand to the next level, and the next step in this equation was.. you guessed it, the website. The team graciously shared with me their pain points with their existing website that left them feeling stagnant - unintentionally driving away the exact customer they know would be a perfect fit for their products. Through strategic design, conversion driven user experience and optimizing the backend of the store, Du is ready to take the sexual wellness space by storm.

Working with Du is an absolute delight for several reasons. Firstly, as a 100% queer-owned business, they possess an inherent understanding of their customer base and prioritize their needs. Their commitment to exceptional product quality is truly admirable. When Du approached me to lead their website restructuring and design through a larger rebrand, I knew it was an incredible chance to showcase their excellence. What truly excites me about Du is their ethos. They fearlessly initiate conversations, promote innovation, embrace sensuality, and break the taboos surrounding sexual wellness products, making them accessible to all. Designing their website to reflect this ethos and attract their ideal audience has been an absolute joy. With a more curated, professional, and on-brand website, we are successfully capturing the essence of their empowering brand and the superior quality of their offerings - while driving sales.

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