The Keeper's Collective

Keeper’s Collective is an all-natural skincare brand, originating in Snoqualmie, Washington. They create nourishing, pure, handmade products - and couldn’t do any of it without the mighty honeybee. Keeper's Collective is more than just skin-deep - they also organise community outreach initiatives, Kids Bee Camps and pollinator conservation efforts.

I was brought on the team by Minty Made to bring her vision to life so she could reclaim her time by outsourcing the robust development of this project. I developed 5 core pages and 4+ secondary pages. I created new custom sections to transform the website, making it distinctly unique from a standard Shopify template. After the smooth launch of this project, the client was able to make back her initial investment in less than a month due to high converting pages and an intuitive user experience, and is able to make changes to her website without touching the code.

Designed by: Minty Made

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